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About Our Roadmap

  • The roadmap contains information on "done, in progress, and planned" features, improvements, and bug fixes for the version we're working on.
  • The roadmap is updated instantly. That is, there may be updates and changes to the content at any time.
  • You can list the items in the roadmap according to categories, types and situations, and you can search in the contents if you want.
  • "Estimated time of arrival" is an conjectural time and may vary. Unfortunately we do not offer any guarantee about this period.
  • If you have any features or ideas you want included in the roadmap, you can create a feature request on
  • If you have detected any bugs or problems in the software, please report it to us through our support system. We will immediately include it in the roadmap.

Progress Status



  • Extended domain management

    Extended features related to domain management.
    - A, AAAA, MX, SPF, DKIM, CNAME, TXT etc. managing records.
    - Multiple whois profiles.
    - Domain extension document management.

  • Income/expense analysis of shared servers

    "income/expense" analysis of shared servers. Viewing how much income and expense is provided from the server when "admin panel > shared server detail" is viewed.

  • Shared server grouping

    Server grouping, automatic account creation according to the deploy conditions determined on the shared servers within the group.

  • domain registrar

    Development of domain registrar module.

  • Occupancy alert for shared servers

    Warning notifications with a red band for servers and server groups that are on the threshold of a certain account creation.

  • Freenom domain registrar

    Development of the Freenom domain registrar module.

  • OpenProvider domain registrar

    Development of OpenProvider domain registrar module.

  • Enom domain registrar

    Development of Enom domain registrar module.

  • Hexonet domain registrar

    Development of Hexonet domain registrar module.

  • Nicproxy domain registrar

    Development of Nicproxy domain registrar module.

  • OpenSRS domain registrar

    Development of OpenSRS domain registrar module.

  • Custom support ticket statuses

    Ability to create different options for support ticket statuses in addition to the standard statuses.

  • Dynadot domain registrar

    Development of Dynadot domain registrar module.

  • Realtimeregister domain registrar

    Development of Realtimeregister domain registrar module.

In Progress

  • Email piping feature

    It is a feature that forwards the mails sent to the specified e-mail address to the support system and enables the creation of a support ticket.

  • Support ticket activity logs in admin area

    To keep a record of the processes made by X staff on the ticket in the "Admin Area > Support Ticket" detail. (Ticket Log)

  • Billing profiles & updating billing details

    Changing the address section in the client area to "Billing Profiles" and making it more comprehensive. Providing the opportunity to update unpaid invoices with current invoice details.

  • Min years setting for domain extensions

    Ability to set a minimum registration period for domain extensions.


  • Full compliance with GDPR

    Developing the following features under GDPR law.
    - Downloading all customer data in XML format from the customer panel.
    - To be able to request the deletion or anonymization of all data.
    - A feature where the customer acknowledges that we are authorized to store and manage customer data.

  • Setup fee definition feature

    A feature about charging a "first payment" or "setup fee" in product pricing.

  • Obtaining invoices as PDF

    Sending invoices to customers in PDF format and downloading them from the client area.

  • Product package statistics

    Viewing data such as income statistics, active services, number of active services when "admin area > product package detail" is viewed.

  • Change of logo in invoice detail

    Adding a logo upload field in the theme settings for easy replacement of the company logo that appears in the "Client area > invoice detail".

  • Preview for images in support ticket

    In the "admin area > support ticket" detail, if there is an image in the ticket attachments, previewing in the form of a box.

  • Account credit and taxation

    Improvement of the following optional setting related to Account Credit and Taxation.
    ● Apply Tax (Tax is charged when loading account credit, but not for other payments.)
    ● No Taxes (No tax is charged when loading account credit, but for other payments.)

  • Advanced filtering in admin panel > support ticket list

    Advanced filtering feature in "admin panel > support ticket list".

  • Google/Facebook login/sign up button

    Redesign of the Google/Facebook sign-in and sign-up button according to Google/Facebook brand guidelines.

  • Re-development of the Stripe payment gateway

    Re-development of the Stripe payment gateway module in a new structure with subscription/recurring and card storage(Tokens) features.

  • Admin area > support ticket > service status

    View of "next due date" and "service status" in admin area > support ticket detail.

  • Buttons for domains in order list

    Adding "Whois Lookup" and "Website Viewing" button next to the domain names that appear in the administration panel > order list.

  • Clicking admin panel > support ticket > customer name

    Redirect to client details when clicking on the client name in "admin area > support ticket detail".

  • Re-development of the PAYTR payment gateway

    Re-development of the PAYTR payment gateway module according to the new structure.

  • Manually link an affiliate

    Manually link any customer or order to a desired affiliate.

  • Amazon Pay payment gateway

    Development of Amazon Pay payment gateway module.

  • Convert payment to X currency

    For multi-currency users, the feature that allows the payment to be collected in the selected currency at the time of payment.

  • Paysafecard payment gateway

    Development of Paysafecard payment gateway module.

  • Refund date in invoice refund notification

    The bug in the "invoice refund date" information in the "Invoice Refunded" notification has been fixed.

  • Custom product module and some commands

    Fixed an issue where "suspend, unsuspend" commands were not passed to the module in custom product modules.

  • Hiding the domain transfer area

    Hiding the client area > domain transfer field in case of disabling the EPP box in admin area > domain extensions.

  • Support ticket response process on client area

    Deleting the text of the message written in case of clicking the "Reply Area" button again while sending a response in "Client Area > Support Ticket Detail". Also closing the ticket without warning when clicking the "Resolved" button by mistake.

  • Country restriction on payment gateways

    In the payment gateways modules, the feature about which countries the payment gateway can be used and in which countries it will not be used.

  • Hosting orders transferred from Whmcs

    In some hosting orders transferred from Whmcs, the () phrase that appears in the client area > hosting order service detail has been corrected.

  • Invoice creation/cancellation issue

    In the automation settings, the problem of continuous invoice creation and cancellation due to the invoice cancellation day being set to be before the service cancellation day.

  • Cart checkout > Insufficient credit balance

    The problem of "Insufficient credit balance" has been fixed, although the credit balance contains the same amount as the cart amount when making a payment via the cart.

  • City/state problem in whois details

    Confusion in Whois details for some countries and states has been resolved.

  • Cronjob and backup issue

    Fixed some issues when running a backup task in the CronJob system.

  • Smart search and T.C.K.N.

    Improvements have been made to search and find " T.C.K.N." information on smart search.

  • Contact page and contact number

    Fixed the display issue for the contact phone number on the contact page.

  • Improvement of smart search

    The "Smart Search" in the admin panel is now faster than ever.

  • Yapı Kredi payment gateway

    Development of Yapı Kredi payment gateway module.

  • Akbank payment gateway

    Development of Akbank payment gateway module.

  • Finansbank payment gateway

    Development of Finansbank payment gateway module.

  • Payfast payment gateway

    Development of Payfast payment gateway module.

  • Accessibility and account credit payment method

    Supporting accessibility mode for page "/admin/module/payment?module=Balance".

  • Improvement in Activity Log

    Hiding the "Currency Rates Updated" information in event logs due to too much.

  • Fontawesome v5 support

    Fontawesome v5 support for icons

  • Payment of invoice by account credit

    Automatic deduction of the invoice amount from the customer account credit, in case the invoice is paid with the customer account credit via the admin area.

  • Duplicate invoice notification

    Sending duplicate invoice notifications for each service item after services with the same due date are combined into a single invoice.

  • Software licensing reissue issue

    In the software licensing system, the IP address is not reset when "reissue" is made in the client area > service detail.

  • Notification bubble for additional services of the order

    The problem with the notification bubble display in the admin area menu for additional services whose service period is renewed has been fixed.

  • Using the + character in e-mail addresses

    Improvement so that the + character can be used in customer email addresses.

  • Domain page and TLD limitation

    The standard listing limit for spot extensions on the domain name registration page has been removed.

  • Foreign customer and TRY

    Fixed the issue where foreign customers were forced to pay in USD even though there is no currency other than TRY in the system.

  • Order and product amount synchronization

    The order amount has been synchronized with the product amount and period information it is connected to.

  • Admin area and invoice list

    Some improvements have been made in the invoice listing on the administration panel.

  • ID No formatting for proforma and paid invoices

    Different ID number formatting features have been developed for "pro forma" and "invoices paid" in taxation.

  • Invoice ID Numbers

    The invoice number that appears on the front interface has been made editable via the administration area.

  • Tax type naming

    New features have been developed for defining and naming multiple tax types.

  • Invoice last payment date issue

    Fixed an issue with the invoice last payment date that occurred in manual invoice creation.

  • Reseller standard commission rate

    Fixed the issue with the standard commission rate in the reseller settings.

  • The in process issue for additional services

    Fixed an issue where order supplement services were "in process" even though they were connected to an API module.

  • Calculation of tax in additional services

    Fixed an issue with tax calculation for additional services in the tax included calculation method.

  • Interruption of the cronjob system

    Fixed the issue where the process was interrupted in the cronjob system.

  • Accessibility support in admin area

    Accessibility support has been development in the administration area.

  • CCAvenue payment gateway

    Development of CCAvenue payment gateway module.

  • Payssion payment gateway

    Development of Payssion payment gateway module. (75 payment gateway options)

  • bKash payment gateway

    Development of bKash payment gateway module.

  • payment gateway

    Development of payment gateway module. (15 payment gateway options)

  • PayGuru payment gateway

    Development of PayGuru payment gateway module.

  • Kuveyt Türk payment gateway

    Development of Kuveyt Türk payment gateway module.

  • İş Bank payment gateway

    Development of İş Bank payment gateway module.

  • Ziraat Bank payment gateway

    Development of Ziraat Bank payment gateway module.

  • Garanti Bank payment gateway

    Development of Garanti Bank payment gateway module.

  • Bitpay payment gateway

    Development of Bitpay payment gateway module.

  • Paystack payment gateway

    Development of Paystack payment gateway module.

  • 2FA verification popup window

    2FA verification popup window CSS issue on easy order stage.

  • SSLCommerz payment gateway

    Development of SSLCommerz payment gateway module.

  • Improvement in the cronjob system

    In the cronjob system, some optimizations regarding task distribution and scheduling have been developed.

  • Domain registration area at the purchase stage

    Fixed the issue where the domain name registration option was not displayed during web hosting, special product group and software product group purchasing stages.

  • Invoice discount amount and exchange rate

    The issue where the discount amount in the invoice is not processed with the current exchange rate has been fixed.

  • Order detail and custom product group

    Fixed an issue where if an order is linked to a custom product group and no product category, the product package to which the order is linked does not appear.

  • Issue setting up a product as an additional service

    Fixed an issue where the product bundle could not be specified as an additional service when creating an additional service.

  • Client area left menu

    The problem that some product groups are not visible in the menu content on the left side of the client area has been fixed.

  • PayPal Create Subscription Error

    Fixed the "PayPal Create Subscription Error" issue.

  • Tax number and letter support

    An improvement has been made so that letters can be defined in the tax number.

  • Menu management icon issue

    Fixed the issue where the icon field did not appear when editing the menu in "admin area > menu management".

  • Custom product group deletion issue

    The deletion problem for the custom product group has been fixed.

  • Comprehensive taxation settings

    All settings related to billing and taxation have been brought together in a single page.

  • ARS currency display issue

    Fixed display issue for "ARS" currency.

  • HUF currency and decimal viewing

    Removed decimal viewing for currency "HUF" due to display issue.

  • MYR currency display issue

    Fixed display issue with "MYR" currency.

  • Import on shared server

    Fixed issue where client information was not selected in "admin area > shared server > import" tab.

  • Server orders in the admin area

    The problem of changing the "master server" in the "admin area > server order > core" tab has been fixed.

  • Invoice ID and smart search

    Fixed the issue where the secondary ID number on invoices could not be found in smart search.

  • HetznerCloud admin area product listing

    Fixed the sorting issue in the HetznerCloud admin area product listing.

  • Invoice IDs and Whmcs import tool

    Existing invoice ID numbers will be retained when importing invoices from the Whmcs system.

  • Mr.Domain domain registrar

    Development of Mr.Domain domain registrar module.

  • Paysera payment gateway

    Development of Paysera payment gateway module.

  • PAYEER payment gateway

    Development of PAYEER payment gateway module.

  • Ipara payment gateway

    Development of Ipara payment gateway module.

  • PayU (for TR) payment gateway

    Development of PayU (for TR) payment gateway module.

  • 3Pay payment gateway

    Development of 3Pay payment gateway module.

  • payment gateway

    Development of payment gateway module.

  • Creating a new membership at the easy order stage

    The service agreement and privacy agreement modal issue in the Classic theme when creating a new membership in the easy order stage has been fixed.

  • Automatic adjustment of regional tax rules

    Automatic one-click adjustment of regional tax rules in "Taxation > Tax Rules".

  • Deleting additional services in the admin area

    The problem that no information about the process result is viewed when an additional service is deleted from the order detail has been fixed.

  • Disable software product group

    When the software product group was disabled, some links were still accessible in the front interface.

  • Accounts in deleted state from Whmcs

    Deleted accounts imported from Whmcs are treated as "deleted on server" in WISECP.

  • A problem with bulk invoice payment

    Fixed a display issue related to price mismatch for the calculation system including tax on the bulk invoice payment page.

  • Autodns whois check for InternetX

    Autodns whois control feature has been developed for InternetX domain name module.

  • extension problem at the order stage

    Failure to create a hosting account with the "" extension for a domain with a "com" extension.

  • Problem with Skrill payment screen

    Fixed an issue with payment page in Skrill payment method.

  • A mismatch at the order stage

    Fixed the conflict problem caused by changing "hosting" to "server" in the browser address line during the order phase.

  • Use of hyphens (-) in the tax number

    Supporting the use of hyphens (-) in the tax number.

  • Auto-renewal in Client Area > Service Detail

    Fixed issue with auto-renewal and subscription view in Client Area > Service Detail

  • Status feature for knowledge base articles

    Developed the status feature for knowledge articles and categories. It has been ensured that inactive articles and categories cannot be accessed in the front interface in any way.

  • Defining Sub Account ID for CCAvenue

    "Sub Account ID" parameter will be sent in CCAvenue payment gateway.

  • * - * issue on Invoice Preview page.

    When e-mail or phone information is left blank on "Admin Panel > General Settings", "* - *" is displayed on the invoice preview page.

  • Payment in local currency

    In case of switching from multi-currency to single-currency, conversion of payments made in foreign currency into local currency.

  • Geliştirilmiş müşteri destek sistemi

    In order to provide faster and more balanced support to customers, new features have been developed in the support system.
    - Setting which tickets appear first. (oldest, newest and by client group)
    - Ticket creation ban for blacklisted customers.
    - Ticket creation barrier for customers without service.
    - Personnel can only see the tickets assigned to them.
    - Setting the listing count of the ticket list.
    - Setting the refresh time of the support ticket list in seconds.

  • HetznerCloud package upgrade

    HetznerCloud modülünde paket yükseltme işleminde sunucunun power on durumunundan power off durumuna alınması.

  • Product category icons on the homepage

    The category icons do not appear in the categories of the product groups on the homepage.

  • Setting up the invoice formalization feature

    Enable or disable the invoice formalization feature via the admin area.

  • Added the Kapakli district of Tekirdag province.

    Added the "Kapakli" district of Tekirdag province.

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